Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader Would Have Been an Instant Purchase If it Had…

Does the soon-to-be-available Barnes & Noble “Nook” ebook reader make sense?


At $269 it has the same price as the U.S.-only version of Amazon’s Kindle 2. B&N has a matrix comparing the two ereaders here…

The Nook has the following feature advantages according to this matrix…

– Small second color touch screen
– WiFi
– MicroSD card slot that enables adding up to an additional 16GB storage
– Ability to load and read PDF files
– Ability to lend an ebook once for up to 14 days
– Replaceable rechargeable battery

It lacks the Kindle’s text-to-speech feature. And, more importantly to me, there is no mention of it having a full web browser or the ability to install and use Android apps. If it had a full web browser or the ability to install apps, B&N would have my $269 in a pre-order right now. Without either of those features, it is just another pricey ebook reader.

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