Barnes & Noble Offering a Free eBook a Week to iPad Owners in a Clever Way

If you have an iPad and are happily reading ebooks with either Apple’s iBooks or Amazon’s Kindle app, why would you consider Barnes & Nobles’ new free ebook reader?

BN eReader for iPad

A quick look at book prices doesn’t reveal any significant pricing (as in lower prices) to me. So, B&N is taking using the most significant difference between them and their competitors to drive business: Their physical retail bookstore.

If you walk into a B&N bookstore between now and June 20, show your iPad and B&N app to a bookseller in the store, you will receive an access code to get their free book of the week. A different free ebook will be available each week until June 20.

Quite a clever way to get people to try yet another ebook reader app and drive foot traffic into the physical store at the same time.

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