Baron Fig Launches Inspiration App Spark on iPhone, Apple Watch

The Spark app presents users with inspirational prompts relating to either 'discipline' or 'impulse.'

Mosaic company Baron Fig has released its newest app on iPhone and Apple Watch: Spark. The app works to inspire users’ creative thinking through prompts relating to ‘discipline’ and ‘impulse.’

With the Spark iPhone app, users have access to two decks of cards (one each for discipline and impulse), with each card offering an inspirational prompt in the form of a word or short phrase. For instance, the discipline deck offers cards prompts like ‘Clean is clear’ or ‘Focus your intentions,’ while the impulse deck includes prompts like ‘Figure out the formula and ignore it’ and ‘Make it more human,’ among many others. Users can draw new inspiration cards as quickly as they’d like, or share impactful ‘sparks’ on Twitter.

Elsewhere, the Spark Apple Watch app gives users a new prompt every 30 minutes. Users can access additional prompts from the watch by tapping Spark’s lightning bolt icon and selecting a card from one of the two decks.

While free to download and use, the Spark app is monetized via optional in-app purchases which change the appearance of the card decks. These in-app purchases are available for $0.99 each.

Spark is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.