Baron Fig Launches Mosaic Notebook App on iOS

The Mosaic app allows users to organize text and image notes on pages, like one would separate content in a real notebook.

While Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 operating system will bring with it enhancements to the stock iOS Notes app, users looking for a new digital notebook without the wait can try Mosaic from Baron Fig. The company responsible for real world sketchbooks and notebooks has made the jump to digital with Mosaic, which was designed not to replace traditional notebooks, but to complement them.

The Mosaic app is built around “pages,” which allow users to add text and images as individual entires related to a specific theme, like one would organize content in a notebook. Users can take photos within the app, or import images from their camera roll.

Each page can be organized on the fly by dragging and dropping entries, and since each thought or idea is entered as its own entry, removing a single thought won’t accidentally delete or edit something that should remain.

Baron Fig Mosaic

When viewing a page, users can create a custom title at the top of the screen, delete entries by swiping left on each one, tap any text entry to edit it and tap on photos to zoom in. While users can add long text blocks to a single entry, to-do or shopping lists can also be created by adding a single task or item to a page, one item a time. Then, when each task is complete, users swipe left to delete it from the list, leaving the rest intact.

Baron Fig’s blog reads:

In designing Mosaic, we talked to thinkers all over the world to get their feedback. Their thoughts helped [us] focus on what needed to be included, and, just as important, what could be left out. Our mission is to empower thinkers in their journey to create [and] inspire the world. We’re one step closer with a complementary set of digital and analog notebooks.

Mosaic is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.