Barry Diller: The iPad Will Bring Joy to All, and Maybe Revenue to Me

Barry Diller, whose IAC/Interactive reported a narrowed quarterly loss this morning, had glowing words for Apple’s iPad during today’s earnings conference call: “I haven’t met a single person who has got one and doesn’t absolutely smile every time they turn it on and use it.”

Diller also said that the tablet device had potential as a distribution tool for subscription content. He said that as micropayments become easier with improved technology, consumers will become more amenable to actually making them. “It’s a delightful experience and it’s gonna change many many things.” He said he hopes IAC’s products would take the lead in creating applications in an area that “has huge runway ahead of it.

“Every month we’re rolling out a series of new products, new apps,” he said. He also pointed out that IAC properties The Daily Beast, UrbanSpoon and City Search already have iPhone apps.

He highlighted the value-added properties of The Daily Beast, saying that for such a business could accrue both subscription and advertising revenue.

(h/t paidContent)