Baseball Superstars 2010 is Odd and Addictive

Baseball Superstars 2010 is the second in an iPhone social baseball game series from Korean developer Gamevil, and it’s so fun that when we reviewed it we forgot about lunch.

There’s more to the game than typical baseball video game features, like seasonal play mode or home run derbies. Gamevil is known for its RPGs (i.e. the still growing HYBRID: Eternal Whisper), and evidently that prowess carries over into this portable sports title.

Players are able to create their own pitcher and batter and build up these characters in a game mode called “My League.” In order to improve said characters, one must put them through a myriad of training exercises. Okay, realistic, but dull… until you get to the rest of the RPG features. You actually need to keep your players happy (4 batters and 2 pitchers), help them work together, and build moral by participating in social events (i.e. dates) and spending your annual game salary on everything from new bats to new shoes. It seems silly, but it is strangely alluring and actually allows the player to connect with their team of avatars on some personal level – something that cannot be said about other sports games.

Of course, despite the draw from this RPG element, the game gets even better. Superstars almost feels like a satire on baseball, because this game has a collection of some of the most outlandish characters and game mechanics you will ever see in a video game. Not wanting to spoil any surprises, but some of the more memorable moments include a robot-looking space man… thing, a demon, and a pitcher that decided to turn the baseball into a bomb. Yes… a bomb. Don’t ask how… just go with it.

Wait, there‘s more: This game is fun to play alone, and thankfully, it can be made better with multiplayer. Unfortunately, the game is not multiplayer in the sense that Madden Football is multiplayer (live) but Gamevil utilizes an asynchronous versus system that lets you go online and play against another player’s team. Granted, you don’t play them, per say, but you do download all of their players’ statistics and pit your team leveling, as it were, against theirs.

Suffice to say, this game is fantastic fun, whether you like sports games or not. It has all of the sporting elements of a traditional baseball game, but the RPG features are so out there, it certainly doesn’t feel like one. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s memorable. And it’s well worth the $6 price tag.

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