Battling Prostate Cancer, Curtis Sliwa Set for Surgery Today

Curtis Sliwa, the morning and afternoon host at AM 970 The Apple, is set to have surgery this morning for prostate cancer. He detailed the diagnosis and course of treatment with his loyal listeners yesterday morning. Sliwa, being open with his fans, said he’s hopeful for a return to the air by Monday, but doubts his doctors will concur.

Sliwa, 57, revealed that surgery is needed because of scarring from a shooting in 1992. The Guardian Angels founder said that he wasn’t a good candidate for radiation therapy or seed implant therapy.

“Over the past weekend, my symptoms were such that it was determined that surgery would have to take place [this] morning at 10 a.m. I will conduct my broadcast until 8 a.m. and then will be transported to Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr.David Samadi will perform the Robotic Radical Prostatectomy,” Sliwa said in a statement. “If because of old scarring he is unable to get in and out, a second surgeon will perform the normal extraction of the prostate. The prognosis is that I will be away from the microphones at AM 970 The Apple: minimum time a week, maximum time a month for recovery. The Curtis Sliwa plan, though, is, with catheter in hand, I hope to be back broadcasting by Monday. I hear my enemies — The Gambinos — are already taking action on the over/under and point spread of this occurring.”

Photo courtesy of Eric Krauss

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