Bauer Media Freelancers Irate Over Copyright Clauses

Stringers for the music division of the UK’s Bauer Media are pushing back against the magazine publisher’s aggressive freelance contracts, reports The Guardian:

Two hundred writers and photographers have signed a petition refusing to contribute to Bauer’s magazines unless the company rescinds a new “all rights” contract, which also makes freelancers liable for all damages and costs in the event of legal action.

Bauer’s music division publishes Q (which you may remember from its “controversial” Lady Gaga cover), Kerrang and Mojo.

In addition to holding the freelancers liable for any legal problems a published work incurs, Bauer’s contract requires that workers give the company the right to republish and redistribute their work, and also modify it. As Mojo contributor Angus Bailey put it to The Guardian:

“Q could send a photographer to shoot U2, print the pictures in any way they like and then use them in merchandise — even selling T-shirts outside U2 gigs. If the band were to sue for copyright infringement, the photographer would be liable for the full damages and the costs of both parties.”

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