Bauer Publishing Set to Launch Three New Magazines Because Why Not?

It’s not a good time to launch a print magazine. In fact, it hasn’t been for a few years. However, the folks at Bauer Publishing aren’t trying to hear that, see? The company has plans to launch not just one, but three, new glossies this fall.

According to The New York Post, the new titles will be Closer, Girl’s World and Celebrations. Closer is described by its editor, Annabel Vered, as “a hybrid of a celebrity weekly and women’s service magazine,” because there’s nothing like that in circulation already. Marisa Sandora is editing Girl’s World, which will publish seven times a year and is aimed at girls, ages six to 10. Celebrations might have the best chance of success, as it’ll be spun out of Woman’s World, which has been doing well on newsstands.

Despite it not being the best climate to sell magazines, no one at Bauer is showing any signs of nervousness. Ian Scott, president of ad sales, told the Post, “We know how to bring out new products and we know how to find new readers.” Well then there you have it! Nothing to worry about.

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