BBC Premieres Documentary About British Vogue

Filmmaker Richard Macer spent nine months trailing the magazine's operations.

AlexandraShulmanPicPremiering tonight on BBC-TV, Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue showcases, in two parts, the fruits of a rather remarkable labor. For nine months, documentary filmmaker Richard Macer was granted complete access to the inner workings of the magazine, on the cusp of its 100th anniversary.

Macer has teased the program with a piece in which he shares, suitably, nine things he discovered. The last item, about the magazine’s editor in chief since 1992, proves in some ways to be the most fascinating:

9. The queen bee of this glossy homage to the jet-set lifestyle, editor Alexandra Shulman, has a fear of flying. She very nearly didn’t come to New York Fashion Week because of it, but remembered at the last minute she’d agreed to be filmed by me so changed her mind. Every year she has to steel herself against her almost irrational fear when globe-trotting to fashion shows. In the 25 years she has been editor of Vogue she has tried a number strategies to deal with her phobia. The most successful is writing. Shulman has authored a couple of novels and has discovered concentrating on the prose helps when the turbulence hits.

Also featured prominently in the documentary are the magazine’s fashion director Lucinda Chambers, creative director Jamie Perlman and editor at large Fiona Golfar. Shulman’s most recent novel, The Parrots, was released in the U.S. late last year.

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