BEA 2010 Speaker Analyzes Kindle Owners

With a clever headline and a timely topic, the BEA presentation entitled “‘I’ll Never Pay Over $9.99 For E-Books! and Similar Lies’” drew an impressive crowd this afternoon–publishing industry folk crammed into the tiny conference room like subway car riders at rush hour.

Simba Information analyst Michael Norris delivered publishing intelligence gathered in a flash survey of 140 Kindle owners. “Kindle users are very happy with their interface. I think if the price of a Kindle book is raised, then they’ll swallow it,” he explained.

“[Kindle owners] felt the decision to window eBooks was made in a vacuum. It seemed like eBook readers were being punished,” he continued. In the end, he urged publishers to “try as many different [pricing models] as you can,” rather than settling on a mythic $9.99 price point for all eBooks.

Norris reminded the audience that music fans were furious when Apple raised the price of an MP3 over 99-cents. “Where’s that anger now?” he asked. “We’ve just accepted it.”