Would You Buy Lipstick Based on a Twitter Recommendation? The Beauty Industry Hopes So

Beauty companies have long known how to promote themselves and create a quick demand for one of their products. So it should be no surprise that they are one of the biggest markets to embrace Twitter.

Social media is the perfect venue for them, if you think about it – they can do free market research on what people are using, how they’re being used and what people want more/less of. Then there’s the offers and specials that they can let people know about immediately, creating a feeling of urgency for the consumer.

Here are some great beauty companies that are leading the charge:

@SisleyUSA (Sisley Cosmetics USA) recently tweeted ”Beauty offer: Complimentary deluxe sample of All Day All Year & Supremya w/any Sisley-Paris purchase at @neimanmarcus http://bit.ly/gqqDYi” But that’s not all – they tweet often, offer tips and give props to loyal fans with #FF (Follow Friday).

@thebodyshopusa (The Body Shop) uses Twitter platform to discuss issues that are of importance to them such as water conservation and fair trade ingredients. They also respond to customer issues and complaints here as well, which the customer’s appreciate and talk about long after the interaction. It’s a smart move that more companies should follow.

@Aveda (Aveda) also uses this as a place to inform consumers. Recently, they were made aware that a database was out of date and were able to tell a client that they had removed harmful parabens in a product. This kind of timely response puts people at ease and make them feel like the company cares for them. The result? Loyal, long-term customers. #success!

@Sephora (Sephora USA Inc.) is a leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores that carries innovative lines and products, but they use Twitter as a way to personally connect with their customers. They offer advice in a fun way, like a girlfriend was telling you about a product she just saw or tried (“3 make a trend! We noticed everyone at our meeting has on SEPHORA by OPI’s Break A Leg-Warmer. http://bit.ly/eyQq8 http://twitpic.com/4i2k1s”). With 146,358 followers and counting, you know they’re doing something right…

And this is not a complete list by any means, but it gives you an idea of how beauty folks realize that:

-their audience is out there
-they want to rave about their products
– ask questions
– interact with people at a company who make the lipstick that they’ve been wearing every day for 7 years.

Other markets are slowly coming around to the idea that Twitter is where so much potential awaits. They’re just not quite there yet.

The beauty folks, however, are applying their makeup with one hand while tweeting with the other.

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