Because We Know You Want It

If you needed more proof that DC is run by The Gayz, here you have it!

The second installment of Paul Ryan XXX is out. And boy-howdy is it a page-turner! Or a scroll-downer:

Paul put his arm around Aaron’s waist as the elevator door closed behind them. Aaron leaned his head on to Paul’s chest as they began their silent ascent. Aaron could feel Paul’s breathing, steady and strong.

It was incredible. Paul was incredible.

Paul opened the door to the room for Aaron, motioning for him to go inside. Aaron did.

He glanced around the room. It was beautiful, with carved wooden furniture. The window was open, looking down on the White House. A large, king bed with white linens lay before them.

Aaron heard the door close behind him. He felt Paul’s arms wrap around his waist from the back. Paul slid his left hand down until it was on top of…

What happens next? Only one way to find out…