Become a railway tycoon in Game Insight’s Transport Empire

Mobile and social game developer Game Insight has announced the launch of Transport Empire on iPhone devices, and plans to bring the game to Facebook and Android in the near future. Transport Empire was released on iPad in April 2014, and challenges players to build a network of trains, steamboats and airships while constructing roads, mines and cities from the ground up.

Players have only two trains to start, and can send these to a logging camp or a coal mine to collect wood and coal. These core resources can be combined with others, including money, to build new towns, farms, bridges, railway lines and more. The game’s quest system leads players through a storyline which sees them returning the family business to its former glory, while also guiding them through the necessary steps for growth.

Users unlock additional land expansions over time, which include plots for building new resource outlets. For instance, players can build additional mines to have more than one source of coal. Trains are sent to and from these locations, back to home cities around the map, with each train route taking time to complete. Users can spend different currencies, including coal and money, to speed up these tasks.

Similarly, each town can be upgraded with factories which can transform raw materials into more valuable items. Coal, for instance, can be used to produce steel. Elsewhere, users can build additional districts within towns for transporting travelers between towns for additional income.

As players unlock more routes and resources, they’ll need additional trains to keep up their production. Trains can be built using coins or premium currency, and can be equipped with specific varieties of cars, depending on the train’s purpose. For instance, a train bound for a logging camp needs a train car with a flat bed to hold the logs.

Since launch, Transport Empire has been updated with new buildings that produce cash and resources, as well as new buildings like fishermen houses. In addition, a daily bonus system rewards player loyalty with free prizes on a daily basis.

Transport Empire is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.