Become Your Favorite Pop Icon To Land In EW’s Best Costume Gallery

Fans of pop culture magazine Entertainment Weekly can use its Facebook page to try and appear in the magazine, by submitting their favorite costume photos for the chance at being featured in an online Halloween costume gallery.

Submissions can come from any Halloween costume, and should at least have some sort of loose affiliation with pop culture. Last year’s entries ranged from a human Facebook account to the most disturbing portrayal of eco-warrior Captain Planet that I’ve ever seen.

There are already quite a few submissions in the EW photo section of their Facebook page — despite the page’s small 4,800 fans. Amongst the many Jokers and Bleeker/Juno costumes, there are some definite gems. Two of my favorites involve a man who loves confetti, and one of the best Star Wars get-ups of all time.

While this contest doesn’t hold the promise of partying with Heidi Klum, it is a fun way to share past costumes and catch a glimpse of some of the imaginative and creepy ensembles that people come up with for Halloween.

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