Bee Negotiations Continue

The Guild at the Sacramento Bee presented a new proposal to management last week and it sounds as if a compromise is imminent.

The proposal covered layoff protections for workers (the guild is asking that part-time or temporary employees not be hired if they’re being hired to replace full-timers), the company’s right to consolidate (the guild gives the Bee unlimited right to consolidate layout/editing staff to another McClatchy-owned paper as long as enough notice is given), and gives staffers the right to freelance. It also asks that the company restore the salaries of 18 employees who were cut below their contractual minimum last April.

According to the guild, Company attorney Bob Ford called the proposal “a very constructive step in the right direction.” Now the Bee has until May 20 to come up with a counter-proposal.

The Bee has been working to come up with a new contract for its Newspaper Guild-covered employees since early 2009.

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