Beer Pong Kits Could Be Coming to Your State

Rejoice! One company has finally innovated.

Pong Beer is being marketed, not for taste or based on country of origin, but for its packaging. The beer is sold in a “Rack Pack,” a package of 30 beers that comes with two balls to play beer pong. Buy two packs, and you’ll get four balls and party cups. Party over here! Whoop whoop!

The beer’s website does state that the makers of Pong are “beer fanatics” who use “natural ingredients” to bring you this “refreshing” beverage, which will end up in puddles on your floor. All that talk aside, the attention is squarely on the beer’s fitness for a rousing game of beer pong.

The Dallas Observer includes a Pong Beer fact sheet saying the sport of beer pong (their word) generates $20 million in sales on related products (?) and has more than 100 leagues around the world.

Pong Beer is in 10 states and is coming to 10 more. Fingers crossed, it’s coming to yours.

[via Business Insider]

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