Being ‘Findable’ On LinkedIn…But Not Too Findable

We still think this story about a man fired for checking the “Looking for opportunities” box on LinkedIn is completely ridiculous, but if you work for a draconian company like that, how do you get found on LinkedIn without being found out?

Obviously, some care is in order.

Sourcer Kelly Dingee explains how to be found by a sourcer without letting your boss know you’re on the hunt for a new job.

First of all, don’t check the “looking for career opportunities” box. A good sourcer will probably contact you anyway.

Another tip: Consider turning off your activity broadcasts (your “Feed,” if you will) from within Settings. Then you can update your profile to your heart’s content, but unless your boss is checking your profile every day, she won’t see that you’ve been working on it.

Last, watch how much detail you provide. “A LinkedIn profile screams “I’m on the hunt” when it has the level of detail of a resume…You can embed a link to your resume or link to your blog or an alternate profile site. Something that on the surface looks like a link but with exploration yields more professional information.” Just make sure that you have enough keywords in there that a sourcer will be able to find you in a search.

There are a few more tips at the original post. We’re saddened that a post like Kelly’s is necessary, but the reality is there are companies that would penalize someone for something as simple as checking a box on LinkedIn (which could have been done by accident, or a long time ago, or whatever), and if you want to stay employed while seeking a new job, stealth is wise.