Beliefnet’s Steven Waldman Takes FCC Position

Steven Waldman, the co-founder, editor in chief and one-time CEO of Beliefnet, has resigned from the company to take a new position within the Federal Communications Commission focused on media policy.

Officially Waldman, who served as Beliefnet’s CEO from 2002 until it was acquired by News Corp. in 2007, has been named Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the FCC—that chairman being Julius Genachowski, who was appointed early this year by President Barack Obama. Waldman’s new role, which begins in mid November, will see him tackling new media issues just as the Federal Government weighs just how aggressively it should regulate online advertising, behavioral targeting, blogger endorsements and the like.

The FCC, “made me an offer I really couldn’t say no to,” said Waldman. “leading an effort to ensure that we have a vibrant media landscape.”

Media veteran Beth Ann Eason, currently Beliefnet’s chief operating officer and general manager, will take over Waldman’s role at the company. Founded in 1999, Beliefnet is a non denominational community and content site focused on spirituality and faith.