Bellantoni Says Goodbye to TWT, Hello to TPM

Christina Bellantoni finished her last day at TWT yesterday, before starting at TPM on Monday. TWT‘s David Jones send out this note to the staff on her behalf…

Dear Washington Times colleagues,

As you know by now, yesterday was my last day at The Washington Times. Monday is my first day at Talking Points Memo where I will be covering the White House and politics from the site’s newly expanded D.C. bureau. It’s been wonderful working with you the last nearly six years – I appreciate the kindness and sincerity found throughout the newsroom. I’ve also been proud of so much of the work this newspaper has produced. I’m so grateful for the opportunities the Washington Times has provided me – from covering Virginia to the historic 2008 campaign – and for the freedom I’ve enjoyed to travel and explore multimedia. I’ve learned from so many of you, and will never forget Jerry Seper’s tough love tutorials, and am thankful for everything. I also wanted to offer my warmest compliments to the amazing photography staff – my road trips with each and every one of you will be highlights of my career for years to come. You are the most talented and dedicated bunch of journalists I’ve ever known, and it’s been an honor. I wish the Washington Times continued success as we all navigate this new media world. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone in person, but I won’t be a stranger.

I hope to see you around. Thanks to those of you who came to the Hawk and Dove last night. All the best, Christina

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