NJ Editor Helps Duck Family Cross Street

Animal X-ing? Duck that.

National Journal‘s Communications Director Ben Fishel tweeted a photo Friday afternoon of his colleague Jonathan Miller, deputy daily briefing editor, lending a helpful hand to a group of ducks.

National Journal employee and crossing guard stop all traffic on Virginia Ave. for duck family #DuckDynasty,” Fishel’s tweet said. The “Duck Dynasty” hashtag is a reference to an A&E reality TV show about a family that got rich selling duck hunting gear.

“Of course when I tweet about ducks its my most successful tweet ever,” Fishel told FishbowlDC when asked about the tweet. The news has so far received two retweets.

In Fishel’s photo, Miller can be seen walking behind what appears to be a mother duck ushering her eight-ish ducklings across a road. In the background is a crossing guard with her hands out to her side as if to say, “What the flock?!

Update: Fishel writes in: “We’re up to like eight retweets, but whatever.”

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