New York Times Video Journalist Finally Takes a Vacation

Ben Solomon recently completed the first VR film made in a combat zone.

Ben Solomon, Class of DePauw 2010 and Class of Pulitzer 2015, was back on campus this week to deliver a speech to students and faculty.

He’s had a remarkable run since graduating from the school and starting out as a New York Times intern. He shared in the paper’s 2015 Pulitzer for International Reporting, for a series of articles on the Ebola outbreak. His latest effort for the paper involves the Middle East.

From Emma Mazurek’s write-up:

Solomon gave a brief background about himself and his latest VR work before diving into audience questions about his career and life. “It’s a ball of cameras,” Solomon said when explaining what a VR camera rig looks like. The rig used to make the “Fight for Falluja” had to be custom-made to ensure it could endure the scorching temperature in Iraq.

“You have to work all the time,” Solomon said. His most recent project lasted from January to July. He then explained that after it was finished he took his first vacation in the last five years.

Well-deserved. During his visit, Solomon also dropped by several DePauw classes.

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