Benny Johnson Comeback Story Features More Benny Johnson ‘Creativity’

The guy is amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.47.35 AMPoor Benny Johnson. The man earned a career creating crap content (Egypt’s revolution told in Jurassic Park gifs!) for BuzzFeed, then got fired for plagiarizing more than 40 times. That’s embarrassing enough. Of course this happened after he got sanctimonious about plagiarizing on Twitter. Now, in what is a pathetic attempt to make Johnson look redeemed, Johnson still can’t avoid making shit up.

As Gawker noted, The Washington Post’s article detailing Johnson’s alleged redemption is bad simply because it was written by Johnson’s friend. What makes it worse is that buried at the end of the profile is this:

Sometimes that creativity can get him a little carried away. Here’s Rieley’s [Johnson’s girlfriend] version of the trip to Chincoteague: They spent the vacation alone, she says; there were no other friends. Nor was there much boating, though they did some crabbing from the dock. Rieley says she didn’t lock his phone in a safe; she simply powered it down and stowed it in her bag.

Johnson can’t even tell a friend writing a puff piece about how great he is the truth.

Like we said, poor Benny Johnson.

Update (3:50 pm):
Ben Terris, the author of the WaPo puff piece, has denied that he is friends with Johnson.

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