BermanBraun Follows Up Glo, Wonderwall With Celeb/Politics News Site and production firm BermanBraun may work together again, on a new site that will “serve as the intersection for celebrity and politics news,” reports MediaWeek.

Anonymous sources suggested that the site will showcase the glitterati inside the Beltway, with repurposing some of its existing content to fill the site in addition to new content from BermanBraun and

BermanBraun and have worked together on two sites already: Wonderwall, a magazine-style celebrity website, and Glo, a fashion and beauty site. The projects haven’t resulted in huge hires to fill the “pages” of the site, but it’s definitely gotten BermanBraun hiring.

Now, because we can’t see the word “Wonderwall” without thinking of the damned song, we present to you a gift:

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