Bernie Sanders Wants You to Know He’s Not Boring

Funny or Die rebrands the 2016 hopeful.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.21.21 AMDown 60 points to Hillary Clinton in the latest polls, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders may need a bit of rebranding in order to win the nomination.

Thankfully, Funny or Die seems to have a fantastic campaign ad for the Doc Brown-look alike. Using advanced statistics and some ‘opiates of the masses,’ the self-avowed Socialist parties his way into the hearts of young voters in an effort to prove he’s not boring.

“Despite the fact that 80 percent of everyone agrees with me on 90 percent of everything,” says Sanders, played by comedian James Adomian, “the corporate controlled media says that I can’t win because I look like a train-conductor with cotton candy hair, and I sound like a bullfrog with the personality of a library card.”

Watch video, courtesy of Funny Or Die.