Best iPad Stylus for Writers

Do you use a stylus for your iPad?

In the video embedded above, you can see how a stylus can help you in different aspects of your reading and writing life. I recently tested a review copy of TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus and found the super-small point worked best for scribbling on the iPad.

Last year, Evernote acquired Penultimate, the note-taking and handwriting app for the iPad–pointing towards a future where more people scribble notes on tablets. To help iPad writers adapt, we’ve rounded up stylus recommendations from different review publications…


Check out the TruGlide:

With revolutionary TruGlide technology, this stylus truly glides across your touchscreen. Its small tip is more precise than your finger and ideal for use with your favorite writing and drawing apps. The strongly woven microfibers are more durable than rubber, so no replacement is needed any time soon!

Stylus Recommendations from Around the Internet

1. Boxwave iPad Stylus: $15.00 web special price. Works on all capacitive touch screens  (recommended by Cool Quirks)

2. Adonit Jot: Price ranges from $19.99-$39.99 Works on all capacitive touch screens. (recommended by The Verge)

3. AluPen: Prices range from $15-$32. Works on all capacitive touch screens. (rated by Macworld)

4. Cosmonaut: $25. Works on all capacitive touch screens. (recommended by Marco Arment)

5. Wacom Bamboo Stylus: Price ranges from $29.95-$39.95. Works on capacitive touch screens. (recommended by The Verge)

Personally, I’ve found that the smaller tip on microfiber stylus works best for writing on a tablet.

I’ve used both the Boxwave and the TruGlide stylus on my iPad. In the image embedded below, you can compare the tip of the TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus (circled) compared to the tip of a Boxwave stylus.


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