Best Practices For Using Google+ as a Business [Infographic]

G+ includes a suite of tools that improve search engine ranking, enable targeted campaigns and measure their success.

Google+ is a ghost town isn’t it? Not by a long shot. With 540 million members and 359 million monthly active users, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the suite of tools that will help you connect with consumers. The folks at digital marketing agency, Milestone Internet, have put together an infographic outlining the best practices for using G+ as a business.

For starters, creating campaigns for G+ can result in a higher ranking in search results because it’s a Google product, and Google is all about integration. By posting links to your own company’s content, you’ll be able to control the authorshipand context in which your message is delivered.

Circles can be used to to divide readership into different segments, possibly for different targeted campaigns. For even finer control, include hashtags, pictures, video, text and even GIF content into your posts. To track the campaigns that work best for you, G+ even has a built in analytics service.

For the best exposure, the infographic suggests businesses:

  • Verify their profile with Google
  • Add the +1 button to your site
  • Use keyword rich titles
  • Remember to use images, which drive higher engagement.

The infographic provides tips for integrating Hangouts on Air, and provides great questions to measure your growth on G+ and its impact on your business model: [click to enlarge]


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