This Week’s Best Social Media and Online Community Posts From Around The Web

Every Friday I will be posting a round-up of the blog posts and news articles that I come across throughout the week that I find interesting and informative.

Often I post these links to my Twitter account throughout the week. On Fridays I’ll compile the top three or four links, and pull out the most interesting/thought provoking paragraphs from each one.

Facebook’s Cut From Deals Partners: Nothing

Facebook’s approach appears to be solely focused on expanding the reach of credits. In the short term it’s a win-win for the social network and its partners. These businesses get a dramatic increase in distribution of their deals and Facebook can get more users to put their credit cards on file with the company.

And one interesting aspect of the program is that Facebook isn’t actively reaching out to businesses directly, but is are letting businesses contact the social network (and most likely work out their own deals).

Page Views Per Member

15,000 page views from 15,000 people is a sign that people visit and then leave. That’s not very good. Great reach, but no engagement. The lesson here is to spend more time on each member converting them into an active member of the community.

How Schools Can Use Facebook To Build An Online Community

Facebook allows a school to lower the barriers to participation for members of the community. By effectively leveraging Facebook, a school can make it easier for community members to get involved and share their opinions on a variety of fronts. While some schools may fear this increased participation, others will embrace it as it not only increases involvement, but can also lead to a healthy discourse about what’s happening at the school.

Do You Have To Respond To Every Blog Comment?

Each month, I post my top blog posts and commenters for the previous month. I also give my top 10 commenters a free book. This has its downside in that some commenters are just motivated by volume. But, on average, I think it is been helpful in “jump-starting” the conversation. I plan to continue.

There were more than just these four posts that caught my eye this week, but these four I felt offered some interesting insight.

Were there any posts that caught your eye this week? Leave links to them in the comments.

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