The Best Time To Tweet Is… [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes Twitter feels like a battle against the clock. You’ve got a great link to share, but do you send it out right when you find it to be one of the first to jump on it, or do you wait until you think more of your followers will be online?

This infographic from will show you when the majority of tweets are posted, what times see the most engagement, and other interesting facts about timing on Twitter.

According to the infographic, the most traffic on Twitter occurs between 9-11 am ET and 1-3pm ET. That means more people are tweeting and reading tweets during these time periods than any other.

But if you’re not sure about those time slots for your own tweets, you can check out Timely, a tool which will analyze your previous tweets to tell you when you saw the most engagement, and offer three times that you might want to try tweeting during for even better results. Or, why not check out our Twitter Marketing Boot Camp course, which will help you optimize the best times for you to tweet, as well as walk you through the creation of a tweet schedule to take advantage of tweeting even when you can’t be on the computer.

Of course, tailoring your Twitter timing is all well and good, but the general trends that this infographic points out will affect your tweeting, too.

For instance, did you know that Tuesdays see the most percentage of tweets per day? And that Sundays see the least? Again, you can use this information to strategize your next few weeks of Twitter timing to ensure that more people see your 140-character words of wisdom.

Here is the Twitter Vs Time infographic for more cool clock-based Twitter stats (click to enlarge):