Beta Version of YouTube Go Launches on Android in India

The app allows users to save videos for offline viewing

Google launched the beta version of YouTube Go on Android in India. The YouTube experience was designed for users on slow networks, and it supports offline video viewing.

The YouTube Go home screen features trending and popular videos from a user’s area. While using the application, users can tap video thumbnails to receive previews of videos before deciding to watch them or save them for offline viewing. Users can also choose from multiple video qualities when they decide to watch or save a video.

Finally, the app allows users to share videos with nearby users without using data. Users can send and receive videos even while offline.

In a blog post, Jay Akkad, product manager at YouTube, commented:

To get us to this point, we’ve worked hard on refining the features that you’ve inspired us to build, gaining new insights along the way. Some things we’ve learned in the run-up to this beta release include making the home screen fresher and more relevant for users so they can find amazing videos easily. We’ve also worked hard behind the scenes to make sharing videos with nearby friends an even more seamless experience and ensure that the app works well across a wide range of phones and connectivity. While the app is in its beta release, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and improve the app before launching more broadly. We’ll also be holding several activities in Udaipur over the upcoming weeks to glean more insights from users on the ground.

YouTube Go is now available to download for free on the Google Play Store in India.

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