Better Ways to Spend Money Than Buying Newsweek

Newsweek is for sale again. According to Variety, the folded magazine — which still has some print editions overseas — has been put on the block by IAC. This is hardly surprising, given that Barry Diller recently said buying Newsweek was “a mistake,” and added that he doesn’t have much faith in the digital version.

Last time Newsweek was sold, it was purchased for $1 and the assumption of a heaping amount of debt. If someone wants to buy it again, it’ll be the same story. But why would anyone want the publication? It just seems like IAC seeking buyers is the last nail in the coffin for the brand.

If you’re considering purchasing Newsweek, first, please stop drinking. Now, think about how insane it would be to take on a brand that loses millions consistently. Okay, now, below are some better ways to spend your money. Consider them first.

Better Ways to Spend Your Money Than Buying Newsweek

    • A karaoke machine
    • Two packs of gum, any flavor
    • Sax lessons
    • An Airwolf poster
    • One sock
    • A Hannah Montana fleece blanket