Betty White's Fans Are At It Again: The New Glee Facebook Campaign

Without skipping a beat, fans of Betty White are banding together and forming a new Facebook page aimed at getting this veteran comedienne on the new season of Fox’s hit show Glee. The page, called Betty White on Glee, is hoping to gain momentum after the success of a similar Facebook campaign to see White as the host of Saturday Night Live. While this new group still has a way to go, it appears as though social network users haven’t yet had their fill of endearingly-funny White.

The original Betty White campaign, Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! began as a grassroots Facebook page back in February. By March, the page had nearly 500,000 fans – directly influencing NBC’s decision to invite White to host SNL on May 8th 2010. This episode was well-received by fans on- and off-line, and its success sparked this new Betty White campaign.

The new page has just about 350 “likes” so far, but it is still in its early stages: it is only 24 hours old. And the creators of this page know that they need to harness the power of social networking if their goal of seeing White on Glee is to be achieved. Their mission statement reads:

Want Betty White to guest star on FOX’s hit dramedy GLEE? “Like” this page and we’ll let FOX know! P.S. Send this to the blogosphere, anyone you might think can help our cause! 🙂

It is possible for two social media campaigns to work for the same Golden Girl? Only time will tell. The new group appears to understand how the first group achieved its goal, and is targeting bloggers, social networks, Twitter and the like.

We can expect to see more of these campaigns in the future, now that it has been proven to work with a large enough fan base. Whether 500,000 users is the “magic number” for a petition of this kind is debatable, but be on the look out for more of these types of fan pages with a purpose, aimed at propelling their favorite celebrities (back) into the mainstream limelight.

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