Beverly Hills Steps Away From Bid for Eli Broad’s Museum

The old saying goes is “First in, first out” but it’s most usually used when talking about positive things, like in accounting or military service. The city of Beverly Hills has just applied it to themselves by removing their name from the list of cities vying for Eli Broad‘s new museum. From the get-go, back in 2008 when Broad first formally announced his intentions, Beverly Hills sounded like it was a shoe in. But then late last year, the billionaire art collector decided to let three cities fight for it; the other two being Santa Monica and the Broad-connected Grand Avenue Project in Los Angeles-proper, who will now keep battling until only one remains and King Broad is pleased. Here’s the official word:

The Beverly Hills City Council has confirmed that it has concluded discussions with The Broad Art Foundation regarding the potential site of a museum at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. As part of upcoming discussions on the adoption of the City’s fiscal year 2010-2011 budget, the Council will be reallocating to other project priorities the funds it had set aside for the potential acquisition of the property.

In a letter to Eli Broad, Beverly Hills City Manager Jeff Kolin said, “While our City Council remains convinced that Beverly Hills offers an attractive location for your renowned art collection, we understand that The Broad Art Foundation is now considering other locations.” Kolin went on to say that should alternate sites not come to fruition, the City remained open to further partnership discussions.

The LA Times‘ Culture Monster blog has a few words in response from Broad about the dropping out.