Beware of the Offensive Acai Berry

No, you’re probably not fat.

Just because you get an email from a female journalist friend hinting that the Acai Berry may help you shed those five pounds you’ve never mentioned you wanted to lose doesn’t mean a thing.

This week at least a few female journalists in Washington had their personal email accounts hacked into, causing them to shoot hundreds of Acai Berry emails to friends and loved ones telling them that they could, ahem, stand to get on the berry bandwagon and slim down.

Former Roll Call scribe and now freelancer Ali McSherry had her email account broken into and she involuntarily sent out the Acai Berry missive. In the case of The Hill‘s Christina Wilkie, the bubbly email went out to several hundred contacts. She found it “sort of troubling” that more than a few female acquaintances took the email seriously.

“I was hacked yesterday afternoon,” Wilkie wrote to FishbowlDC upon being questioned about it. “It appears that I sent at least 500 people emails about Acai Berry, originating from servers in Wyoming, Florida, and Illinois. Passwords have been changed. After the necessary apology emails (and the occasional naif who thought I was really recommending Acai Berry), the biggest travesty was the fact that I have not, in fact, lost eight pounds.”

See the offending email…

Subject line: How!?!?s it going!?!?

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