Beyoncé Covers Flaunt Magazine

She posed in a bra!

COd2UvbUYAAoCT3BeyoncĂ© is the latest cover star for Flaunt magazine. As always, BeyoncĂ© doesn’t actually say anything, but she does look nice.

The 34-year-old star was chosen for Flaunt’s “Califuk” issue because, uh, well, we’re not quite sure. Here’s the magazine’s explanation:

In our fair city of CALIFUK, the threat of drones, falsity, cyber-desecration, and malicious propaganda abound. Survival here is a weighty effort—not for the insincere, the weak. For our success as a supercity isn’t pegged to the yuan, to seasons, to buying. This is not Manhattan Island, not a fashion’s fight out. This is a movement—not available for streaming, or indices—about place-making and cultured fissure. And abandon. And intimacy. And her.

We’re too old to understand this.