BGR’s Take on the Motorola Droid – Mostly Good Except for the Keyboard

The amazing Boy Genius Report has a preview Motorola Droid (Android-based) phone in their hands. It is not a final production-ready model. But, their photos and descriptions are interesting and informative nonetheless…

Motorola Droid Preview

BGR notes early on that Verizon (who will sell the phone) will not cripple any functionality on the Droid (WiFi, GPS, etc.). I have difficulty believing this based on past Verizon actions. You can see a short list of how they have crippled phone features in this item I wrote on October 7…

Verizon & Google Announce Um What Exactly? Verizon Wireless Proclaims Openness?

But, I’m hoping BGR is right.

I’m a bit concerned that the Droid is a bit light in the system memory department with 256MB available. If Android 2.0 still limits apps to being installed in system RAM, Droid users will still be severely limited in the number of apps that can be installed on the phone.

BGR’s comments about the Droid’s physical keyboard also worries me a little (as a potential Droid purchaser). Basically they say it is kind-of-sort-of-okay and better than the G1’s keyboard. In other words, the Droid keyboard is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

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