bibliocore Offering iBooks eBook Self-publishing – 100% of Money From Apple Goes to Author

My observation is that most people don’t write books to get wealthy. And, if they do, they might be disappointed unless they become one of the relatively few best selling authors in the world. However, there are many good reasons to write books. So, you might as well maximize its revenue for putting in all those hours writing and editing your book. ars technica’s article about the new


self-publishing service looks like an interesting way to do that (maximize your revenues).

Get your e-book on the iPad (and keep all the royalties)

Here’s the short version of bibliocore’s service description:

BiblioCore allows any writer or publisher to self distribute their books into Apple’s iBookstore while keeping all their rights and receiving 100% of the revenue from the sale of their work.

It charges a simple flat up front fee for its distribution service. It is non-exclusive and can be cancelled at any time.

bibliocore does not say what the “flat fee” amount is on their website. They say: Please email us directly with the below information so we can provide you a custom quote.