Big Fish Games Launches Treasure Quest Games Portal on Facebook

Big Fish Games, makers of Mystery Case Files and Facebook’s Faunasphere game, have launched a casual gaming portal called Treasure Quest, and it’s available now on Facebook. Treasure Quest has a series of casual games – including hidden object, brain games, match 3, strategy, card games, and riddle games – that users play to level up and gain gold and status. The diversity and quality of the games makes this one of the better games portals on Facebook.

There are over 10 games available on Treasure Quest, and the titles show a real variety. Daily Detective, a game where you solve puzzles by identifying clues within a picture is implemented well and easy to get in to. L.O.B.E. is a brain game where you play concentration and math type games to determine your overall intelligence. There are classic games like Solitaire and Thunderbolt, which both use real card decks and leverage classic card based gameplay. Snowglobe slots is a slot machine where you can play a few rounds of slots and hope to win big.

With each game you play, you’re working to gain gold and status for yourself, and those can be used in the Treasure Hunter avatar section, which allows you to customize an avatar and buy from shops using the gold you collect within the games. Also, there are different treasure quests each day that allow players to complete special missions to earn more gold. Gold has more uses than avatars, as well. You can use gold to unlock new game content, powerups and more. The portal really does feel like there are tons of opportunities to spend your gold, which puts the portal on the right path. A full list of features and games is shown below:

  • Daily Detective – A hidden object game in which players test their detective skills by solving a new hidden object mystery each day
  • L.O.B.E. – Test your brain skills through a variety of challenges, including match games and math puzzles
  • Fairway Solitaire – An addictive solitaire card game.
  • Unwell Mel – This medical Match 3 game has more than 200 levels
  • Riddle O’Day – This riddle/hidden object game offers a daily riddle and search for mystical creatures
  • Plunder – A strategic puzzle game in which players must blow up mines to sink merchant ships and protect their pirate ships
  • Thunderbolt – In this exciting card game, players are challenged to make as many 21s as possible within 75 seconds
  • Snowglobe Slots – A holiday-themed slot-machine game
  • Treasure Hunter avatar – A visual representation of your status and personal style
  • Treasure Quest gold – Acquire gold and experience points by playing games, completing treasure quests (two per day), and earning Gold spins.
  • Use your gold to purchase additional game content and to shop at the stores, which feature clothing items and accessories
  • Purchase gold to level up faster – Treasure Quest has one form of currency, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased
  • Unlock stores as you level up
  • Share your Treasure Quest accomplishments with your friends

Take a look at a promotional video highlighting Treasure Quest here.