Big Government Picks a Fight With The eXiled

Andrew Breitbart seems to have fully recovered from his Shirley Sherrod scandal. But he just helped pick a fight that has the potential to get a whole lot uglier. Former Illinois Tea Party candidate Joel B. Pollak just published a lengthy “investigation” on Breitbart’s Big Government site into eXiled founder and editor Mark Ames. At the heart of the piece is the contention that Ames and his fellow eXiled editor Yasha Levine are the ones who originated the anti-Koch brothers meme so prevalent in the media these days. Which is true. However, since Pollak is a huge fan of the Kochs, the piece is mainly a rhetorical strategy to deflect attention away from the Koch brothers–by dismissing the critiques against them as originating from the degenerate Ames. Ames, you see, unapologetically uses drugs and has solicited prostitutes, which automatically makes him unreliable–or so the thinking goes.

Ames and The eXiled were at the forefront of the anti-Koch movement. It would seem logical for those looking to turn the rhetorical tide against the brothers to target Ames. But Pollak and Breitbart should have let this one go.

Ames is no limousine liberal, neutered by the constraints of political correctness and the burden of supporting his privileged lifestyle. Like Breitbart, Ames is both good at and unapologetic about tapping America’s bile duct. He’s incredibly pissed off. But unlike Breitbart and his cronies, Ames’ anger isn’t tempered by a desire to suck up to America’s moneyed elite. One gets the impression Breitbart doesn’t believe half of what he says. He’s a troll who picks fights for attention–and probably only chose to argue the right-wing side of things because there’s more money in for him. Pollak all but slobbers at the feet of the Kochs. At one point in his piece on Ames he even suggests the brothers were somehow “self-made” ubermensches who long for nothing more than the Libertarian purity of limited government. As opposed to say…the reality…that they are a pair of trust fund babies whose company routinely feeds at the trough of government subsides.

Ames, on the other hand, is a vicious nihilist. He will show no mercy, taste or restraint in returning fire. He may no longer be protected by Russia’s non-existent libel laws–now that The eXiled has moved to America from its home in Moscow. But he definitely has something insidious in the works.

From Ames’ response to the Big Government piece:

Ever since the Kremlin shut my newspaper down and sent me fleeing back to the USA in 2008, I’ve spent these past three years doing everything humanly possible to raise my bounty among the Breitbart A-list hagfish. Sort of like that Bugs Bunny episode I used to love, when Bugs got so angry over the fact that the bounty on rabbits was a mere two cents* that he sawed off Florida from the mainland, and swiped the Panama Canal’s locks…  Worked for Bugs, he got famous; now, thanks to Andrew Breitbart, it’s worked for me too.

Things are going to get fun here, finally. From now on, it’s me against Andrew Breitbart. Mano a Hollywood-elite-Mano.

Cannot. Friggin’. Wait.

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