Big Lots Now Selling a One of a Kind Android Tablet

The Curtis LT8025 has pretty decent specs for its price, and it comes with something no other Android has.

The LT8025 is based on an 8″ screen, and it runs Android v2.1 on a 1GHz CPU with 2GB Flash storage, a pair of microSD card slots, Wifi, a 2MP camera, microphone, speakers, accelerometer, and an HDMI out port.

It’s selling for $149, which is a fairly good price for the specs.

It has one rather interesting detail that sets it apart. No, it’s not the dual card slots (though that is unusual); it also has a 10/100 port. You can plug in an ethernet cable and use it to go online. I’ve only seen one Android tablet with this port (Maylong M-150), and that tablet was crap. It was selling for $99 back in November, and it was ridiculously underpowered and had poor quality parts. I hope the similarity is only a coincidence.

via MobileRead