De Blasio Pulls a Trump, Refuses to Recognize Post Reporter

A rough day at the press-conference office for Yoav Gonen.

When New York Post City Hall bureau chief Yoav Gonen tried to ask a question at today’s press conference for the NYC Rent Freeze Program, it did not go well.

That’s because one of the people sitting alongside Mayor Bill de Blasio at the dais was Victor Calise, commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. Calise was singled out in a recent Post article by Bruce Golding and Rich Calder as being the highest-paid of de Blasio’s ‘bloated band’ of special assistants. Per a thorough summary of today’s fracas by Washington Free Beacon video editor David Rutz, it culminated with the mayor telling another journalist this:

“I got no use for a right-wing rag that attacks people who are good public servants and tries to undermine their reputation. This man [Calise] is not anything but a change agent, an activist… So I’m not playing that game.”

The Post will no doubt run “ragged” with this for Friday’s front page.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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