Bill Gates Talks About Tablet Computing

I have a question for iPad owners. If you could use a stylus with the iPad, would you use it? I don’t mean using a stylus instead of touch, I mean using a stylus and touch. My answer is yes and Bill Gates thinks your answer is yes, which is why he remains committed to his vision of tablet computing that utilizes a stylus. In my opinion writing with a pen or pencil is more natural than typing on any keyboard, so if the purpose is the iPad is to provide a more natural way for users to interact with a computer, then a stylus should be part of the experience.

Steve Jobs has said that if a user has to reach for as stylus then a touchscreen device is a failure, and I agree with him. However, I don’t take that statement to mean that there is not a use for a stylus with tablet computing. There is tremendous usefulness with being able to write on a screen in digital ink and be able search for what was written. If anyone wants to take Jobs’ statement to mean there will never be stylus input for the iPad, I’ll remind them of what Jobs has said about video on iPods and reading books.