Bill Keller Tackles Obama in First Op-Ed

In today’s New York Times, Bill Keller discusses — in his first op-ed column — how Obama went from beacon of hope to what many see as a one term president. Keller tweeted that he wanted feedback, so let’s give him some, shall we? He says that Obama got to where he is today because of four factors: No one looks good after Bush, Republican resistance, disenchantment from his supporters and Obama himself.

Keller then goes into each, breaking down why they’re factors and along the way hitting us with some great writing. He says that Bush’s idiocy was somehow turned into Obama’s, explaining, “Given the systemic burden Bush left for his successor, that judgment seems to me to be less about fair play than about short memories.” He then nails the unhappy liberals with, “It’s not as if they are going to vote for Rick Perry.”

Keller also says that anyone who thought Obama was going to be some wild, shoot-from-the-hip President didn’t pay attention to his track record, stating bluntly, “To be disillusioned you must first have illusions.” Keller understands what Obama himself has done wrong, too. “He has in a sense failed to define himself,” he writes. “He is one of our more elusive presidents, not deeply rooted in any place or movement.”

We thought Keller did a great job with a tough topic for his first op-ed. His four factors are on point, even if it’s a tough pill to swallow for Obama supporters. But that’s just our opinion. He wants feedback, why don’t you give him yours?