Bill Press Show Now Like an Act of Terror

Nowadays lefty radio host Bill Press and “Team Press”, which consists of Associate Producer Dan Henning and Executive Producer Peter Ogburn, must be conscious of how they look as well as how they sound.

The Bill Press Show is now being live streamed, allowing listeners to watch the jocular all-male trio banter about the news and jab at one another. They encouraged readers to call in, even if just to complain about Press being “off the wall” or incessantly wearing a black tie.

“Look at your radio,” Press urged listeners. “If you see something, say something.” Ogburn (the blonde below) laughed. “We are just like an act of terror,” he said. In spectacular unison they declared: “If you see something, say something.”

Henning (at left) was somewhat discombobulated. “You awake Dan?” asked Press. Henning confessed,”I only have half my coffee this morning because I spilled it, I spilled it getting out of the car.”

“It’s a tough day,” Press cracked. “Go back to bed and come back.”

Press mentioned POTUS’s speech in North Carolina on Wednesday. The hall had no AC. “It was like a sauna,” he said. “It was steaming.” Ogburn wondered seriously, “Why would they have no air conditioning?”

But more troubling to him was the idea of CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller in a boiling room. Apparently Knoller had informed Press about the AC issue. Ogburn was beside himself. “I’m just saying, if there is one person I don’t want to get stuck with in a hot non-air-conditioned room it might be Mark Knoller,” he said. Press intervened, “Careful here.”

Obgurn snickered, “I like Mark. I’m just saying, he looks like he knows how to sweat, I’ll put it that way.”

Watch here.

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