Bill Simmons on Conan O’Brien: TBS ‘Godfathered’ Him

ESPN blogger and former “Jimmy Kimmel Live” writer Bill Simmons talked Conan moving to TBS on his most recent podcast. Simmons says TBS “Godfathered” Coco — made him offer he couldn’t refuse, which included a whole lot of money and ownership of the show. Conan will never again have to fight over the intellectual property rights of a masturbating bear.

Back when the news of Conan’s TBS arrival was first announced, Simmons tweeted he didn’t like Conan’s move to TBS at 11 — noting Arsenio Hall is the only person to succeed at 11 with a one hour show. Coco’s time slot also put him up against Stewart and Colbert for “the egghead crowd” as Simmons puts it. But now he likes it. Conan will have the creative freedom to return to his “Late Night” form and TBS will have the help of TNT and the NBA Playoffs to promote the show.

It worked for Frank Caliendo, imagine what it will do for Conan.

The real question on Simmons’ mind: “How did TBS keep this a secret? Nikke Finke sniffs this stuff down and even she didn’t get it.”

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