Bill Simmons Wants to Tweet Obnoxious Basketball Chants

ESPN’s Bill Simmons (who, FYI, is a Celtics fan even though he lives in Los Angeles) just came up with a rather brilliant use for Twitter — starting obnoxious real-time crowd chants at basketball games from the comfort of his home.

When LeBron shot his first set of free throws during Game 3 of the Boston series, I was disappointed that the Boston crowd didn’t chant either “You’re a fa-ker! You’re a fa-ker!” (to tweak him about his injured elbow) or “You’re gonna leave! You’re gonna leave!” That’s when I realized something: Thanks to Twitter, we could mobilize crowd chants almost to the minute during playoff games.

For instance, let’s say someone created a Twitter account called @CelticsChants (just for fun, I did it) and became the go-to chanting coordinator during games. Before Game 3, I post the tweet, “Chant for first LeBron FTs: ‘You’re a fa-ker! You’re a fa-ker!'” Then, during garbage time, I post another one: “If LBJ goes to line again, chant, ‘You’re gonna leave! You’re gonna leave!'” Even if 500 people at the game were following that account, wouldn’t that be enough fans to get those chants rolling so everyone in the stadium joined in?

Simmons already started @CelticsChants and says he’s going to see if it works for Game 6 tomorrow night. Since the Lakers already closed out their series, might be worth checking out.

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