Donald Trump: Draft Headline

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If Donald Trump had over the weekend scanned daily newspapers published well beyond the nexus of New York, he might have theoretically done this to the Saturday Oct. 15 front page of Montana’s Billings Gazette. To highlight yet another example of “biased” coverage.


But this is in fact an early proof of that day’s Local Edition, accidentally uploaded to the database of front pages maintained by It certainly caught our attention. The final edited-and-approved headlines for reporter Jayme Fraser’s story were “Poll: Trump Leads in Montana” (print) and “Trump Leads in Montana, But Voters Aren’t That Fond of Their Choices” (online).

Darrell Ehrlick, editor of the Billings Gazette, tells FishbowlNY the draft headline took its cue from the story’s first quotation from Montana State University political science professor David Parker. (“It’s highly unprecedented to see two major party nominees be so poorly thought of. It’s the first time ever we’ve had two candidates that people just really dislike.”) The day after this edition, the Gazette endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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