Billy Eichner Protects Katie Couric From an Army of ‘Marching Publicists’

The two hosted a fake Thanksgiving Parade to promote Eichner's show.

You’ve definitely heard of Katie Couric, and you’ve probably heard of Billy Eichner, Parks and Recreation actor and longtime host of his own show Billy on the Street. (He also co-stars in Hulu’s Difficult People, which you need to watch RIGHT NOW if your age is somewhere on the wrong side of the number 30.)

Anyway, Eichner somehow convinced Couric to co-host his own fake Thanksgiving Day parade to promote Billy on the Street, and the resulting video is quite fun if you’re into this kind of thing.

We like the Sean Penn handlers joke, but if you’re short on time you can skip to 3:18 for the “marching publicists.”

They’re not just PR pros–they’re junior PR pros. And they’re always on the phone, get it?

“Happy Thanksgiving Day, ladies (and a handful of men).” Ha ha.

For the record, Slate PR is a real entertainment-focused firm based in Los Angeles. They’ve run events featuring Mr. Eichner, and I have personally received some pitches from them!

Now, we know that many who work in the comms world bristle at the “publicist” label. As one of our contacts put it, the word just sounds…dirty. For that reason, this clip is now in the running for our own personal award: Most Stereotypically Negative Portrayal of Communications Professionals in Media.

Right now we are favoring Showtime’s The Affair to win for its stock PR character Icy Cold Bitch, who goes to her novelist client’s Thanksgiving dinner and insults his pregnant fiance. Good times for all!

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.