Birds of a Feather Go Together in Fluffy Birds Flash on Facebook

Fluffy Birds Flash is a fast-paced puzzle title from GameDuell. It is one of 22 games by the developer, and is currently its second-best performing in terms of monthly active users.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Fluffy Birds Flash currently has 713,869 monthly active users and 70,371 daily active users.

In Fluffy Birds Flash, players have 60 seconds to match three or more multi-colored birds on a 7×6 game board. This is accomplished by moving entire lines of birds either horizontally or vertically. There are also eggs in the same colors that appear on the board at random, and when matched with at least two other eggs or birds of the same color these are added to an on-screen meter. When this meter is filled, the player receives an additional five seconds of play time. Eggs are also the points players earn during games and the currency used to purchase power-ups.

Players can have three purchased power-ups and one friend power-up active in each game. The former include a time bonus, score multiplier, egg magnet (captures nearby eggs when a match is made), magic egg (collects all birds/eggs of the same color when matched) and plasma egg (collects all eggs on the board when matched). That last egg is a time extension that can be used once per day per friend.

In terms of social features, there are basic ones which include bragging about beating friends’ high scores via viral channels and inviting friends to play the game. Getting friends to play actually provides a bonus in that for each friend that’s playing, players receive an additional egg at the end of each game. Players also receive bonuses for out-scoring friends’ high scores and there’s a weekly tournament in which the cumulative scores of players and their friends are measured.

Fluffy Birds Flash is monetized through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase power-ups. Players must always use Facebook Credits to purchase the plasma egg power-up, but the rest of the game’s special items can be bought using eggs — when the player runs out of these, all of the power-ups can be purchased using Credits. Although friend power-ups can only be used for free once per day, they can be purchased as often as players want using Credits. Finally, the game rewards players with time extension power-ups up to five times per day for watching advertisements.

According to posts on the game’s Wall by the developer, GameDuell has plans to expand Fluffy Birds Flash in the future with new features, such as a slot machine style daily spin game that will reward players with bonus eggs and power-ups.

You can follow Fluffy Birds Flash’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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