BitLit Aims to Bundle eBooks With Print For Readers That Want Both

Readers are often jumping between formats to read their favorite books, say from their Kindle to the Kindle app on their iPhone. Many readers would love the option to jump between an eBook and a print edition of a book depending on where they are reading. But if they have already purchased a print book, chances are they aren’t willing to pay full price for a digital version of the same title.

BitLit  wants to help. The service works with publishers to bring readers digital versions of books that they already own in print at a discounted rate. The company has released an app that lets consumers who can prove that they have purchased a print book request a digital copy of that book at a discounted rate. In order to qualify for the discounted or even free companion eBook, readers must follow a series of steps in the app to prove that they own a print copy of the book.

Here is more about how it works from BitLit:

To certify that you own your print edition, simply write your name onto the previously unmarked copyright page of your book, and submit a photo using the BitLit app. After certifying that you own a print edition of your book, you are eligible to purchase a discounted (or free) companion eBook.

It’s not uncommon these days for a record label or band to give away a code for a free or discounted MP3 download of an album if a fan buys that album on vinyl. So why can’t the same thing take off for books?